What's New

As of June 2014, The Hendren Funeral Homes is pleased to aanounce the purchase of the former Monk Funeral Home in Bobcaygeon.  For over 10 years, Glenn and Melda Clark have been serving the families of Bobcaygeon and area and we are honoured to continue the high levels of service they provided.  We are so thrilled to be a part of the Bobcaygeon community and we look forward to serving families from our location in Bobcaygeon.

In addition to the funeral home in Bobcaygeon, we offer locations in Norwood and Lakefield.  In 2009 we completed a full renovation of our Norwood location including a new laregr chapel for seating of 175 persons, a new product selection are arrangement office as well as a new lounge and office.  The facilities in Norwood now reflect the needs of the community and will also allow for post funeral receptions.

At our Lakefield location we are proud of the addition of the Heritage Room. This tastefully decorated room that overlooks the manicured property and the Otonobee River is a wonderful space for after-funeral receptions if the family does not have a Church connection. One of our licensed funeral directors will work with you to plan beverages and food to offer to family and friends during a time of fellowship. Furthermore, families may wish to use this room as a quiet space to share a family dinner between visitation periods. Please visit the Heritage Room. 

In addition to the Heritage Room, the funeral home has also renovated our Product Selection area. These alterations have been made with your comfort foremost in our mind. 

In recent years, the public's awareness concerning the environment has been greatly publicized. With consumers purchasing more environmentally friendly products, we too have experienced families inquiring about "greener" options concerning their funeral arrangements. We are proud to acknowledge these inquiries and are working towards a "green line" of merchandise and services that we can offer to the public. While this will take some time to fully implement, Hendren's has in the mean time been implementing "greener" products throughout the funeral home such as lighting and cleaning materials. We look forward to announcing a "green line" of funerals in the near future. 

We continue to review all of the services that we offer to families and to make continual upgrades to each of our locations.  Please check back or visit one of our locations to see first hand many of the exciting changes that we have made.