Our Team

Staff members of Hendren Funeral Homes are caring and experienced professionals who understand that each family is unique and have personal requests and traditions. They are considerate to these needs and work diligently to ensure that every detail is arranged.  Please feel free to contact any of our staff to assist you in planning a meaningful ceremony.

  Scott B. Davidson - Funeral Director / Owner 

 Victoria McAuley- Funeral Director/Manager

 Jeremy Kott - Funeral Director

 Isabella Macera - Funeral Director

 Michelle McLean - Licensed Funeral Pre-Planner  

 Kit Hickey - Administration

 Kenneth J. Wingett- Funeral Director (Retired) 

 Rebekah Littlejohn - Funeral Assistant 

 Jenna Cullon - Administration

 Tony Niemann - General Maintenance/Groundskeeper

 Elaine Fisher - Organist